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Detriot show (8/31) [Sep. 1st, 2007|01:57 pm]
format fans


I'm just going to start this off by saying that The Format puts on only the coolest concerts EVER!

But here's my review/pictures of the Detroit show last night!

Well, doors were supposed to open at 5 so I showed up around 3:30 with my friend Chris

It was an excellent day--77 degrees and sunny! We were about the 20-25th in line.
Then doors opened unexpectantly at 4:30!!! Crazy!
Even more surprisingly, Reubens Accomplice took the stage at 5! I felt sooo bad because there were about 100 people there to see them play their 4 songs...they were excellent, but I wish they had stayed on longer!

I thought that it was great that each band had several other band members come on and play a few songs throughout the entire concert.

Then it was Limbeck's turn to hit the stage! Thankfully more people had shown up by then and they had a few fans singing along to their songs.

Ok, how sweet are they--they used a harmonica. +50 points for Limbeck!

Sam and Schey came out for a song or two...and can I say that the bassist is freaking sweet? He was really rocking that bass...it was awesome

After a wonderful set from Limbeck, Steel Train took the stage

So they didn't go barefoot, but they wore socks...and what a fashion statement! He tucked his pants in to his socks...yes! Plus, I have never seen someone jump around as much as he does! I loved it.

Oops...I caught such a weird angle that it looks like he's eating the mic, haha

After Steel Train's energizing set, Piebald came on!

So he randomly climbed up on the the highest speaker and then threw off parachuting army men!

Then The Format took the stage!

Sold out show!

Despite Nate's hand being right in front of his eyes, I really like this picture

So I think that this has to by my all-time favourite picture of Nate!

I love it when they smile!

It's Caravan time!

So yeah, the concert was excellent! The music totally made up for the screaming girls near us... ("omg sam! I love you" "omg nate! you're hot!" "who's reuben? and are you his accomplice?" "OMG! Nate's spit just got on me!", etc) I love that The Format loves Michigan because Michigan loves them!

I was able to get one of the set lists (not too hard being front row center!)

So they didn't stick to the set list exactly. They didn't play matches or i'm actual and the songs were in a bit different order and such...but YES! They DID play Wind That Blows. I realize now that I should have taken video of it, but I was just enjoying it so much! I also got everyone but Marko to sign it! I'm really upset I never got Marko to sign it...I saw him when I was driving by the bus and I would have stopped, but there was traffic behind me, darn! And of course, I got the obligatory picture with Nate...AND SAM!

I asked Nate to make it a "fun" picture since the other two pictures I have with him we're both just smiling nicely, and that's just no fun anymore!

And although this picture is a bit blurry, it is QUITE the accomplishment! Third time's the charm...after 3 Format concerts I finally got to meet Sam and get a picture and what not...yay!

So I have a problem with NOT taking pictures at concerts, so I've got several more pictures...I uploaded all of the ones worthy to look at up on facebook, you're welcome to take a look!
Album 1
Album 2

And I took a video of the first 3 minutes of Snails


I enjoyed the concert and got to talk to some pretty sweet people...I can't wait for the next album and the next tour!


[User Picture]From: anthonybooms
2007-09-01 10:20 pm (UTC)
i live in almost equal distance of grand rapids and detroit, and after seeing that setlist i realize now that perhaps the detroit show would have been the better choice. (if only to see IFP live)

regardless i had an amazing amazing time..best format concert ever. and i love that they love michigan so much too :) great pics, i love the one of nate smiling!
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[User Picture]From: curlyheadqt
2007-09-01 10:26 pm (UTC)
Well, nate and schey both said that they love playing in michigan, so I'm sure they're going to come back as soon as they can, and hopefully to two venues again! I wish that I had gone to both concerts, I realized that my friends goes to grand valley, so I would have had a place to crash...but the detroit concert was great!

And thanks! I love the pictures when Nate (or anyone) smiles, it just shows that they're truly enjoying themselves.
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From: xrough_draftx
2007-09-02 12:53 am (UTC)
the concert was amazing. i was really upset that i missed reubens because i have been dying to see them. damn st. andrews, and i was upset with how few songs steel train played, because they are incredible. but overall the concert was fantastic,the bands were amazing, and i spent way too much money on merch.

and their performance of caravan was one of the best songs i have ever seen performed live in my entire life.
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[User Picture]From: curlyheadqt
2007-09-02 05:21 am (UTC)
Aw, that's upsetting that you missed them! They really were wrong to open doors before they were supposed to...I wasn't expecting anyone on stage until 6-6:30! But I guess they really needed to get us out so that they can convert St. Andrew's in to a dance club...And I agree that Steel Train rocks--However the line for merch was WAYYYY too long so I didn't buy anything and I'm really kicking myself for not!
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[User Picture]From: colorful_sunset
2007-09-02 04:58 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: curlyheadqt
2007-09-02 05:19 am (UTC)
Haha...I didn't notice that, but yeah, it does look like he has a bit of a dirtstach going on
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From: marie_eeee
2007-09-02 05:02 am (UTC)
thanks, i liked these!
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[User Picture]From: curlyheadqt
2007-09-02 05:19 am (UTC)
Your welcome, and thanks!
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[User Picture]From: nayee
2007-09-03 11:04 pm (UTC)
hahahha i feel like a dipshit, i had no idea reuben's even played! i think my friend and i got to the door juuuuust as limbeck started playing, and i thought that was the start of the show. what was their first song?
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[User Picture]From: curlyheadqt
2007-09-03 11:11 pm (UTC)
I don't know what their first song was...I'm not very familiar with the openers, I only know a few songs for each...But yeah, there was only about 100-200 people there for Reubens, they started a good hour before most people were expecting them, no worries-you weren't the only ones.
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[User Picture]From: cocopuff1216
2007-09-06 10:30 pm (UTC)
nice pictures!

haha, i love your icon. cute.
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[User Picture]From: curlyheadqt
2007-09-07 03:43 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: cocopuff1216
2007-09-07 04:12 am (UTC)
you're welcome!
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